Fentons are experts in nonprofit IT services and the options available. We understand the challenges faced when applying for grants and the importance of investing funding wisely, which is why we provide strategic guidance to ensure budgets are always invested in reliable and cost effective IT solutions.

We love partnering with good cause organisations and proudly work with charities and nonprofits in both Australia and the UK. We offer a range of flexible and discounted solutions to meet the needs of nonprofit customers.

Fentons are registered Connecting Up IT service providers. Connecting Up, Inc. is an Australian not-for-profit organization that provides nonprofit IT services to over 30,000 NFP’s, saving them $500 million in IT costs through donated and discounted products from tech companies such as Adobe, Microsoft and Dell.

connecting up IT servicesFrom our office in Perth, WA, we assist organizations across Australia with funding and grant applications for nonprofit IT services, and provide:

We help nonprofit organizations of all sizes to achieve their mission statement. We do this by helping organisations make the right IT decisions when choosing the best suited technology and services. Whether you have in-house IT staff or not, we can assist with remote and on-site support and super fast response times.

If you would like to find out how Fentons can help your nonprofit organisation, contact James on 0422 778586 for a free, no obligation consultation.