Microsoft Windows Server 2016 was released earlier this month and is packed to the hilt with exciting new features! This article delves into some of the updates and what advantages they offer SME’s.

Now that mainstream support for Server 2008 has ended and Server 2012 is over 4 years old, 2016 will become the operating system of choice for businesses looking for a new server. In this release Microsoft has focused on security, innovation and efficiency in what it calls a ‘cloud ready’ operating system.

Windows Server 2016 editions

The latest server OS comes in 3 forms;

Datacenter for highly virtualised datacenter and cloud environments

Standard for physical or minimally virtualised environments

Essentials for small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices

Server 2016

We’ve been testing Server 2016 at Fentons HQ and are particularly impressed with the following new features;

Credential Guard and Remote Credential Guard

These cool new features allow the protection of administrator credentials from Pass-the-Hash attacks. They allow the control of administrator privileges with what Microsoft calls ‘Just-In-Time Administration’ and ‘Just Enough Administration’

Shielded Virtual Machines

This new improved security allows VMs to be encrypted with BitLocker to help ensure they can run only on hosts approved by the Host Guardian Service

Device Guard and Control Flow Guard

Device Guard ensures only trusted software runs on servers and Control Flow Guard helps protect against memory corruption attacks. Windows Defender is also now optimised for server roles to help protect against malware attacks

Hot add & remove of virtual memory and network adapters

Now you can add and remove virtual server resources while a server is running without having to shut it down, this improves performance and efficiency with real time maintenance

If your business is interested in finding out more about Server 2016 contact our friendly team of experts or check out this Microsoft’s Server 2016 ‘weblink‘ for information on the latest features.